Celebrate Shavuos with Anshi.

We are having a comprehensive Shavuos evening program as well as programming on both days of Shavuos, with Yizkor taking place on Shabbos morning.  Scroll down for the entire Shavuos schedule.

Thursday, May 25 (All at the Friedman’s Home)
Please RSVP for the dinner.  For the discussions, an RSVP is appreciated.
(Eruv Tavshillin should be performed before Yom Tov)
Erev Shavous
9:00PM – Minyan in Cul-de-sac
9:40PM – Dairy Shavuos Dinner
11:00 PM (approx.)- Q&A Panel stories and lessons from Rabbi Schloss
11:45 PM – Rabbi Friedman class: Happy Yom tov when you don’t feel happy
Friday, May 26
9:00AM – Coffee and Kibitz.
9:30 AM – Shacharis/Mussaf
11:45AM -Kiddush
8:21PM – Earliest Candle Lighting & Prep
Shabbos, May 27
9:00AM – Koffee & Kibbutz
9:30AM – Shacharis/Mussaf
11:15 AM – Yizkor
11:45 AM – Kiddush
9:29PM – Havdalah