In 2004, former Rabbi Chaim Lindenblatt, with the help of Mayor Shirley Franklin, Atlanta City Council, DeKalb County Commission, Georgia Power and Bellsouth, established an eruv in the Morningside and Virginia-Highlands neighborhoods.  The eruv is also supported by Congregation Shearith Israel and Chabad Intown, two other neighborhood shuls.

An eruv is a boundary that permits the area within it to be designated as a private domain, in which Jews are permitted to carry objects on Shabbat.  An eruv is established by creating a continuous series of doorways.  The eruv in the Morningside and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods generally uses existing structures, such as utility poles and lines, where the poles form the sides of the doorways and the wires form the lintels.

This map shows the area enclosed by the eruv.  Thank you to Rabbi Lindenblatt for coordinating this effort.  If you would like to make a donation to support the maintenance of the Eruv, please send a check to Anshi S’fard and note “ERUV” in the memo.