High Holidays 2017 @ Anshi!

Once again, in addition to Anshi’s traditional services, we are excited to be offering a family friendly Rosh Hashanah program! The Family Rosh Hashanah Experience features Rosh Hashanah yoga for children and a Rosh Hashanah themed game show for the adults. And as there is no good Jewish event without food involved, it ends with a light Rosh Hashanah lunch. You can see all of our High Holiday programming and schedules here or click on any of the images below o see the info for that individual event.


About Anshi

Congregation Anshi S’fard is an Orthodox synagogue located in Atlanta, in the Morningside and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods.

We are a warm and welcoming congregation, where everyone feels comfortable. All of our programming and services are enjoyable, engaging and user-friendly. Our congregants include a wide array of professionals, artisans, and academics, singles, and families. Some congregants were raised observant, while others are just discovering their Judaism.

In August, 2015, Anshi partnered with the Atlanta Scholars Kollel and Anshi became the Kollel’s Morningside Center. Rabbi Mayer Freedman, along with his wife Shani and their children, joined us from Phoenix, Arizona, to become Anshi’s new rabbi and to lead the ASK Morningside Center.