Pesach Schedule

Erev Pesach – Friday, April 19
11:01 AM – Latest Time to Eat Chametz
11:15 AM – Chametz Burning at the Freedmans
12:19 PM – Latest Time to Burn Chametz
7:53 PM – Candle Lighting
8:50 PM – Earliest time to begin the Seder

Pesach I – Shabbos, April 20
9:00 AM – Koffee and Kibbutz
9:30 AM – Shacharis/Mussaf
10:30 AM – Torah Discussion
11:30 AM – Kiddush
8:51 PM – Candle Lighting and Seder Prep

Pesach II – Sunday, April 21
9:00 AM – Koffee and Kibbutz
9:30 AM – Shacharis
10:15 AM – Torah Reading
11:00 AM – Mussaf
11:30 AM – Kiddush
8:52 PM – Havdalah: No candle or spices

Erev Second Days – Thursday, April 25
Dont forget an Eiruv Tavshilin and to light yahrtzeit candles
7:58 PM – Candle Lighting

Pesach VII – Friday, April 26
9:00 AM – Koffee and Kibbutz
9:30 AM – Shacharis/Mussaf10:30 AM – Torah Discussion
11:30 AM – Kiddush
7:58 PM – Candle Lighting

Pesach VIII – Shabbos, April 27
9:00 AM – Koffee and Kibbutz
9:30 AM – Shacharis/Mussaf
10:30 AM – Yizkor
11:30 AM – Kiddush
8:57 PM – Havdalah: With candles and spices

Kosher for Passover Information

The Passover Guide from the Atlanta Kashruth Commission has very useful Passover information including a guide to kashering a kitchen, general information about Passover products and information about the local food establishments.  The guide is available on the AKC website:  Please feel free to call or email Rabbi Freedman with any Passover questions.

Maos Chittim

We are continuing the custom of Maos Chittim – raising money for the less fortunate to be able to afford all of the expenses of Passover.  Please use the PayPal link on the left side of the page or send in a check.  Please make a note that it is for Maos Chittim.  Rabbi Katz was very passionate about Maos Chittim and everyone is encouraged to contribute what they can.  If you know  of anyone who needs assistance for Passover, please contact Rabbi Freedman at

Sale of Chametz Form

Click on the form below to download a PDF of the Sale of Chametz form.  Please fill it out and give it to Rabbi Freedman (by scanning and emailing it, or by taking a picture and texting it, or by dropping it off at Anshi or at his home).

Chametz Burning @ the Freedmans

Join us at the Freeman backyard 1113 University Dr) for chametz burning on Friday, April 19th at 11:15 AM.